2022 Calendar

Give a puzzle to save, protect and protect all animals, wherever they are and at any time with a monthly donation! The kit also contains a letter and a personalized certificate to recognize the commitment to the protection of all animals.

Dedicated to those who want to be there for the animals when they need them most: a monthly donation allows us to look after the rescued animals and allows us to save many others. This gift will continuously support HSI in saving, protecting and safeguarding animals in distress day after day.

The gift pack includes:

  • A puzzle
  • Personalized digital certificate
  • Personalized letter


Why choose a HSI Christmas gift?

This Christmas you can make something really concrete and special for all animals.
With your donation you will make our life-saving work possible.
We are constantly working to save and protect cats and dogs, improve the welfare of farm animals, safeguard wildlife and marine life, promote animal-free research in the laboratory, intervene in natural disasters and fight cruelty to animals in all its forms.